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Personality Assessment
A CV screening is always a good starting point for any recruitment process. But the resume alone and the qualifications mentioned on paper should not be the foundation of a hiring decision. Instead we get a whole picture of who the candidate is and if they are a good match for the job and team. The Writes Recruitment uses structured interviews, which allows us to assess communication skills, body language and gain a deeper insight into the candidate.
Go beyond the resume
Cognitive Ability Assessment
The Writes Recruitment leverage on cognitive ability assessments to evaluate a person’s ability to think and solve problem. We believe that cognitive ability tests have better predictive validity of job performances and candidates who score well are more likely to complete tasks successfully, digest new information on the job and adapt more quickly in fast-changing environments.
Personality Assessment
As important as hiring the right candidate, it’s crucial for companies to retain talent and reduce turnover. With our personality assessment, we can screen candidates more efficiently for aptitude and personality and assess where a candidate is likely to stay in the role and fit in with the company culture. Depending on the department or industry we are hiring for, it’s possible to predict employee performance across the wide range of job categories with our tailored personality assessment.
E-Interviews: East the scheduling burden
Scheduling arrangements becomes a Tetris puzzle when you’re trying to bring 20 candidates in for face-to-face interviews. You can end up going back and forth via email for days trying to find a convenient time for everyone. This becomes time consuming and increasingly frustrating for both HR and the candidates. Instead of wasting time talking to people who aren’t close to what you’re looking for, video interviews will come in as a useful platform to invest time and effort into the best candidates.
E-Signatures: Workflow Efficiency
Organizations are dealing with a large number of physical documents on a daily basis. The Writes Recruitment adopt digital signature platforms to pave the way to a paperless future. Our digital document management systems will help organizations save time, money and space providing better security while improving productivity and cutting down on paperwork.
The 3 Es Make easy for HR and candidates
E-Arrangements: Streamline the Process
A critical vacancy arises but it has to go through numerous mails, phone calls and approvals. In the meantime, productivity suffers and potentially great candidates are missed. In this fast-moving market, we leverage the role of automated scheduling, automating unwieldy manual processes. Collaboration is made easy because anyone in the chain can leave notes regarding the timings and arrangements of interviews.
Support Organization Wellness
Interactive Newsletters
HR are prioritizing their employees’ lifestyle, physical, mental and social wellbeing whilst working remotely and often in isolation. As such, we deliver a series of interactive e-newsletters quarterly that has been developed with contextually relevant content. These e-newsletters will be sent to the HR and can be consumed at the employees’ leisure with no time/space constraints. This serves as an opportunity for HR to increase employee engagement efforts thus strengthening ties of the entire organization.
Employer Branding
The reputation of an employer has a significant impact on hiring, and even more so has a significant impact on your organization’s success. Candidates look into a company’s reputation before applying for a job and in The Writes Recruitment, we believe that being part of the right company culture is very important. We employ online strategies for potential candidates to have access to a strong employer brand and allows them to see their potential fit to your company. It works both way especially the matchmaking stage. 79% of job seekers are likely to use social media in their hunt for their next job therefore platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkeln will be deployed as access points.
Branding Focus
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